Why Choose Lectrix EV for Your Next Electric Scooter in India?

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The concern about rising pollution has once again taken over the headlines as the pandemic slowly comes to an end. Most of the commuters question why they buy scooters with a battery when they have fuel-powered scooters. Nearly lakhs of EV scooters in India were sold in the previous financial year.

There is a plethora of manufacturing companies in the market selling the best E scooter in India and worldwide. Moreover, several other undiscovered reasons make an E-scooter must have in highly populated countries like India. So, let s find out the reasons whyEV scooters in Indiahave become so important and its rising trends.

The Rise of EV Scooters in India

The growing concern about resource extinction and rising pollution are one of the significant reasons behind the EV scooter s rise. According to the statistics, prior to the pandemic, the market gradually expanded from year to year. From 2020 to 2021, the numbers took a hit.

EV scooters in India became an economical option for commuters and delivery partner companies after the pandemic. As a result, the graph has been scaling upwards since then till date. The numbers include lakhs of commercial and personal EV scooters sold in the previous year. Now, let s see what has made them so popular.

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Have You Found Your Best E Scooter in India?

  1. Pollution: A Rising Concern

For years, humans have used fuel to run their vehicles. Thecombustion produces several harmful gasessuch as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, etc. They are deadly gases which have accumulated over the years on the earth and have to atmospheric deterioration and global warming. All these results from the pollution caused by petrol and diesel driven vehicles. Therefore, buying scooters powered by batteries has become a preference in the market.

  • Subsidies by The Government

The government of any nation plays a vital role in making a product popular. In the recent past, the Indian government have also introduced subsidies to promote the manufacturing of EV scooters in India. FAME and FAME II are the two popular schemes that motivate manufacturing companies to enter the market. As a result, their selling prices also come down. Another encouraging factor is the regularisation of taxation policies for the buyers.

  • Fuel Cost

Countries like India outsource crude oil to manufacture petrol and other products because of resource limitations. This is a major factor adding up to the fuel cost and making it a costlier option for everyone. Speaking of EV scooters in India, they come with several charging options, like DC chargers and charging station hubs. Thus, resulting in a feasible travel cost which ranges from less than one rupee to ten rupees.

  • Scooter s Price

Several manufacturing companies selling an E-scooter put high-price tags on their products. It is mainly because of two reasons: profit-earning motive or inclusion of advanced-tech features in the scooter. Generally, the price of EV scooters in India ranges under one lakh rupee budget, which makes it budget-friendly. In addition, an E-scooter s long-term running and maintenance costs are higher than regular scooters.

  • Advanced Features

The electric mobility revolution has taken over the world for a good reason. Apart from being an environment and pocket-friendly option, EV s advanced features also make it a popular choice. Nowadays, EV scooters in India have started coming with features such as digital clusters, hi-tech braking systems, power modes, etc. In addition, mobile application-based connectivity is a major feature on this list. Therefore, they have become more efficient, durable, and long-lasting than ever.

  • Specs

Most of the EV scooters in India havetechnologicalfeatures installed in them. Other specifications, such as mileage, battery power, charging capacity, loading power, suspension type, top speed, ground clearance, etc., encourage the buyers.

Final Takeaway

Lectrix EV is a prominent company selling one of the best EV scooters in India. Not only do they have dual power modes, but they also come with home chargers. Besides the scooter s features, their personalised payment system enables everyone to buy scooter while sitting at home. So, what is the wait for? Book your ride at our website today!

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