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Who are your top Spotify tracks, I wonder? Want to quickly identify your musical tastes? Consider using Spotify Receiptify. Your Spotify listening history may be converted into a thorough Spotify receipt that displays your most-played songs using this app and website. But is it an efficient tool? Let’s investigate Receiptify in more detail to determine whether it’s worthwhile to use.

Transforming your receipts into organized insights with Receiptify

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By Hong Kong-born software engineer Michelle Lui, Spotify Receiptify is a platform. Your Spotify listening history is transformed into a receipt. Discovering your musical interests and sharing them with others is made easy and enjoyable by this creative software. You must select a time window and log in with your Spotify account in order to utilize Receiptify. like the previous month, the last six months, or ever. Receiptify will create a receipt after you’ve chosen the preferred duration that features your top 10 most-heard music. The music title, artist, and length are listed on the receipt. Additionally, you can post a copy of your Spotify receipt on social media.

Receiptify has grown in popularity since its launch in 2021 and is now used by more than 10 million individuals globally. Numerous newspapers, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and Wired, have written about the app. In addition to English, Receiptify is also available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese.

Spotify listeners can use Receiptify in an innovative and interesting way. to review their prior musical listening and identify their favorite tunes. It is a great resource for music lovers who wish to record and share their musical tastes with pals. Overall, Receiptify is a great way to discover and enjoy one’s musical preferences.

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How to create a Receipt on receptify?

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You can use Spotify Receiptify to create a receipt by following these easy steps:

  1. Access the Receiptify website or app on your mobile device.
  1. Click on the Log in with Spotify option to enter your Spotify account.
  1. Once logged in, select the time frame for your receipt last month, the past six months, or all time.
  1. Hit the Generate Receipt button to generate a receipt containing your top ten most-played songs.
  1. To share your receipt, press the Share button to post it on social media.
  1. In addition to these primary steps, Receiptify offers many customization options for your receipt. You can adjust the receipt s color by clicking the Change Color button. Furthermore, you can add a personalized message to your receipt by selecting the Add Message option. Lastly, you can download your receipt for future reference by clicking on the Download button.

You can make an interesting, personalized receipt that highlights your individual musical interests by following these instructions. Exploring and sharing your musical preferences has never been easier than it is with Receiptify!

Share your Receipts on social media

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Spotify users can produce a receipt highlighting their most-played tracks using the web tool Receiptify. by including information like music titles, artists, and length. Users can use this platform in a fun and practical way. to learn about and share on social media their musical tastes.

In order to analyze the user’s listening history, this program integrates with their Spotify account. The user is asked to choose a time period after using Receiptify to sign in to their Spotify account. spanning the previous month, the previous six months, or their complete Spotify usage history. Receiptify generates a Spotify receipt with the user’s top 10 most played songs based on the time period they’ve selected. The user can then alter the color of their receipts and publish them on social media. Adding a customized message and/or downloading it are other options.

Since its launch in 2021, Receiptify has amassed a massive user base of over 10 million people. Its media attention has contributed to its success. with mentions in respectable periodicals including The New York Times, The Guardian, and Wired.

Does Receiptify work for other music apps too?

Receiptify can currently only be used with Spotify, a music streaming service. However, Michelle Lui, the app’s author, is working on ways to eventually make the program compatible with other music players. As a result, a larger user base would be served by the app’s services. expands the possibilities available to music fans everywhere.

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In the future, Receiptify might be able to support some of the other music players. including Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and YouTube Music. With the platform now featuring these music players. Receiptify might draw a user base that is more diversified, which would increase its appeal.

If you would want Receiptify to support a particular music player. Through their website, the developer will accept your request. Users can recommend the music players they like most. allowing the developer to organize their efforts and focus on satisfying user requests.

Apple Music can still be used even though Receiptify won’t support it.

Here is the ideal Receiptify replacement for iOS.

Discover the hidden potential of your data with Icebergify

What is Icebergify?

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An internet tool called Icebergify creates a graph in the shape of an iceberg that shows your most-played Spotify artists. using the audio you’ve personally listened to. On the basis of each artist’s level of popularity, the chart is divided into four categories. the most popular musicians at the top, and the least popular musicians at the bottom. It’s an easy and enjoyable way to share your musical tastes and find new artists. After it has been generated, the graph can be uploaded to other social media sites or saved as a picture.

How to get started with Icebergify?

You may use Icebergify and make an iceberg by following these simple instructions:

  1. First, access the Icebergify website and ensure that you are logged in to your Spotify account
  1. Then, on the homepage, input your Spotify username. Wait for a few moments while the website generates your personalized chart.
  1. The chart displays your top 50 artists sorted by their popularity level. The highest ranked artists are situated at the top of the iceberg, while least popular ones are at the bottom.
  1. The chart is divided into four levels. To provide a clear visual representation of the popularity distribution of your favorite artists.
  1. Once your iceberg has been created, you can either share it on social media using the Share button. Or download it as an image with the Download button.

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Remember that Icebergify pulls information from your Spotify account, so the graph represents your unique listening preferences. This makes the chart a fun and convenient method to express your musical preferences while also learning about new artists.

Frequently asked questions

Q: What is the purpose of Receiptify?

A receipt of your top 10 most-played Spotify tracks may be created using the free app and website Receiptify. in order to examine and distribute your listening history.

Q: How does Receiptify generate a receipt?

A visual receipt is produced by Receiptify using the most current listening history it has access to from your Spotify account. You have the option of viewing the Spotify receipt for the most recent month, most recent six months, or all time.

Q: Can you customize the Receiptify receipt?

A: You can choose the color and include a customized message to change how your Receiptify receipt looks.

Q: Is it possible to share the Receiptify receipt on social media?

A: By using the post button on your Receiptify receipt, you may post it on social media sites.

Q: Does Receiptify work with other music players apart from Spotify?

A: Receiptify only functions with Spotify at this time. The creator, however, intends to provide compatibility for additional music players. Future examples include Tidal, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music.

Q: In how many languages is Receiptify available?

A: Seven distinct languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese, are supported by Receiptify.

Q: How many people have used Receiptify?

Since its launch in 2021, more than 10 million consumers have used Receiptify.

Q: Where can I request Receiptify to support other music players?

A: You can submit a request on Receiptify’s website if you wish them to support music players other than Spotify.


In conclusion, Receiptify provides a fun and easy method to learn more about your Spotify listening habits if you’re interested. by creating a Spotify receipt that includes the music you listen to the most. You can use this app to explore your musical interests in a fun way. Receiptify is a fantastic choice for music lovers thanks to its user-friendly layout and personalization choices. Although it’s only available on Spotify right now, the developer intends to eventually add support for other music services. In summary, Receiptify is a useful tool for anyone trying to discover their musical preferences in a fresh way.

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